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The Face Behind The Brand

Helena Livijn, is a strong, colourful woman who has always felt a great passion and need to express her creativity. Painting, drawing and ceramics are just a few examples of the ways she has practised, but it was not until she found her love of creating jewellery that she fully felt she could express who she is.


Helena Livijn never plans what her next piece should look like before sitting down at her desk, but lets the expression come from within and naturally the design takes shape. She can get inspiration from anything, from a scent to a conversation.  She enjoys the feminine expression of her creations.


A piece of jewellery is more than simply pearls, crystals and beads, and this is what she wishes you as a customer to feel when you chose some jewellery from Helena Livijn Design. All pieces are hand made and there is often only one version of each piece, which contributes to the jewellery becoming very individual and special. She wants her brand to symbolise qualitative service in combination with beautiful colours, happiness, lust and freedom.

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